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Mobile Charger Solar Keychain

Mobile Charger Solar Keychain

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Introducing the Mobile Charger Solar Keychain—the most efficient way to charge your mobile device anywhere. Our 1200mAH Solar Keychain is capable of charging your phones, tablets, and even surveillance cameras with solar energy. It is small and convenient to carry; you can attach it to a keychain or bag for easy access and take with on your travels. This product features high-efficiency power improvement, which allows devices to charge faster without overheating or negatively impacting battery life. Moreover, it also offers energy-saving features that make sure you don't waste any power when not in use. You'll be pleased with the money and effort you save when using this device! 




Color: Black, White
Input: 5.0V-/+0.2
Output: 5.0V-/+0.2
Output current: DC 300-800mAH
Solar panel: 5V 40MA
Battery: 1200mAH
Light color: Cool white
Size: 70mm x 42mm x 16mm


Package includes:
1 x 1200mAh Solar USB Charger Power Bank (with Key Rings)
1 x USB Cable

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